A Note from Don

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the voice of the 118th District in the Kansas House of Representatives.  As a lifelong resident of Western Kansas, I understand well the issues and concerns of rural Kansas.   I work hard to provide a strong voice for the 118th District on the issues that reflect our core values.  Among those core values are:

  • Rural communities that are safe, rewarding places to live
  • Opportunity for economic growth and prosperity
  • Strong public school systems
  • Respect for private property rights

I believe in the special worth of each individual… that every person possesses unique God-given gifts and the potential to succeed.  The greatest help that government can give to its citizens is to enable them to succeed, rather than making them dependent upon government for their needs.  Individual initiative works for the betterment of the individual and society, and must not be extinguished.

Free market private enterprise is the engine that drives our economy.  Governmental regulation is sometimes necessary, but must always be minimized, because regulation by its very nature constrains innovation, stifles initiative, and strangles the economy.  I believe that private enterprise delivers most all goods and services more effectively and efficiently than government, and that the responsibility of government is to provide those services that private enterprise cannot. I believe that the people will spend their money more responsibly than will government, and that taxation must always be broad-based and equitable.