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Representative Don Hineman October 27, 2012
National Election November 6
Election Day 2012 will be a pivotal day for the future of this nation, and I ask that you consider the following chart before you make your selection for president. Except for the World War II years, the federal deficit as a percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has stayed within a manageable range of plus or minus 5%. Until, that is, the last three years, when it has been close to 10%. Folks, that is simply unsustainable! It is just like a family that is burdened by a mortgage that is too large for the family income. Federal spending must be reduced to come in line with federal revenues, or the future of this nation is at grave risk. In my opinion the best way to start the process is to elect Mitt Romney as the 45th president of the United States on November 6.  Remember to go to the polls a week from Tuesday, or better yet, go in to your local court house next week and advance vote!

This chart was prepared with data from the Tax Policy Center.

Horizontal Drilling comes to Kansas

Last week I joined Governor Brownback on a tour of a new horizontal oil well drilled by SandRidge Energy south of Dodge City.  Technological innovation is leading to a virtual revolution in the oil and gas industry and is opening up vast new energy reserves that were previously unexploitable.  The implications are enormous... for U.S. energy independence and for the Kansas economy. 

The introduction of horizontal drilling combined with the long-used practice of hydraulic fracturing has stimulated interest in developing the Mississippi Lime Play (MLP) in Kansas and Oklahoma.  This investor presentation from SandRidge shows the extent of the MLP in Kansas, including much of the 118th District.  Click on the 10/2/12 presentation and go to page 11 for a map of the resource in Kansas.  Page 15 adds information about the main players in the Kansas MLP.

Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association (KIOGA) organized last week's tour, and Ed Cross, KIOGA President, reports that in 2011 the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) issued permits for 72 MLP horizontal projects (out of a total of 5441 permits issued.  So far in 2012 the KCC has permitted 195 MLP horizontal projects.  If these prospects meet expectations the horizontal drilling activity could ramp up rapidly.  State government and local communities must begin preparations for the inevitable impacts immediately.

As with any new technology, questions have been raised about the process of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.  Click on the links I have compiled in the Media Center below, for a more complete understanding of the technologies.  As a member of the House Energy and Utilities Committee I have been involved in developing appropriate regulations and guidelines that protect the public interest without needlessly burdening this bright star of the Kansas economy.  

Horizontal Drilling Media Center

Horizontal drilling, courtesy of Chesapeake Energy
Production, courtesy of Chesapeake Energy
Hydraulic fracturing, courtesy of Chesapeake Energy
Hydraulic fracturing 
fluids, courtesy of KIOGA
Water use, courtesy of Encana
Water protection, courtesy of Encana
FracFocus, a website containing a chemical disclosure registry and information about the fracturing process

New District Boundaries

Now that redistricting has been finalized, the 118th district includes all of Wichita, Scott, Lane, Logan, Gove, Trego, and Sheridan counties, as well as 2/3 of Thomas County and nearly all of Graham County except the city of Hill City.  Here is a map of the new Kansas House Districts.   Scott, Thomas, Sheridan, and Graham Counties are new to the district, and I look forward to representing the folks in those counties.  Note that this district, which now includes all of seven Kansas counties and most of two more, is the largest Kansas House district geographically.  That also means, of course, that it is the most rural district.  And that defines my focus in the Kansas House of Representatives.  Rural issues, and Western Kansas issues, are pretty much what I am about as a state representative.  So how rural are we?  The entire 118th District is a Wal-Mart-free zone.  That's rural!

To those of you in Scott, Thomas, Sheridan, and Graham Counties,  I ask for your help.  I would like to build my mailing list of email addresses in those new counties, so any help you can give would be appreciated.  Also, please let me know of any community events you feel I should attend.  I want to get to know you before January.

My name will be on your ballot as a candidate for Kansas State Representative, 118th District. Though I am running unopposed, your support is important to me, and I would appreciate your vote.


I am pleased and honored that my campaign for re-election has been endorsed by the following groups:

  • Kansas Livestock Association PAC
  • VOTE FBF (Kansas Farm Bureau)
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Kansans for Life PAC
Words to Live By 

Cowboy Logic:
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Quote of the Week:  ‎"There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory."   Josh Billings

Sermon in a Sentence:
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