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Kansas Medicaid expansion push hasn’t cracked GOP roadblock
7 Mar 2019 at 5:30pm

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly and other advocates have ramped up a campaign for her proposal to expand Medicaid in Kansas after conservative lawmakers showed they currently hold enough power to block it. Kelly held a news conference Thursday with four business leaders and kicked off a two-hour seminar on the potential economic benefits of expanding state health coverage for the needy.

Kansas governor meets unexpected resistance to schools plan
6 Mar 2019 at 5:29pm

Kansas' new Democratic governor is meeting unexpected resistance to her plan for boosting public education funding from local school districts that believe her proposal wouldn't supply enough new money. Gov. Laura Kelly touts her proposed increase of roughly $90 million a year as a simple way to comply with a Kansas Supreme Court mandate for an increase in education funding.

Kansas Legislature resumes work on bulging school, tax, health policy to...
5 Mar 2019 at 5:27pm

The monkey on the back of the Kansas Legislature will look much the same Wednesday as it did when state lawmakers rolled into Topeka in January. House and Senate members make their way back to the Capitol aware of the need to resolve issues of public school finance, a federal income tax windfall, the governor’s proposal to expand Medicaid, Farm Bureau’s bid to dabble in the health policy market and the annual imperative of crafting a new state budget. So far, only one bill has made it to Gov. Laura Kelly’s desk.

Big decisions lie ahead for legislators
4 Mar 2019 at 5:24pm

 Some people questioned if Kansas lawmakers are making enough progress on important issues this legislative session. Halfway through the session lawmakers have yet to make several key decisions impacting your taxes.Maybe the biggest issue that wasn't solved in the first half of the session was education. "We do have a pretty close court deadline that's facing us on K-12 funding," said Topeka Representative Freda Warfield. "So we do need to get that addressed as soon as possible." Legislators have been taking heat from what some call a lack of bills of substance.

Kansas restricted rules cities can make; complicates affordable housing ...
3 Mar 2019 at 5:22pm

A law signed that year protected landlords from mandatory inspections of the inside of their rentals. It also blocked what’s commonly called “inclusionary zoning,” where a certain percentage of new development is set aside for below-market-rate housing. “That pretty much cut us off at the knees,” said Steve Dechant, a Hutchinson city council member and landlord who supported the regulations.

Bill allowing THC CBD oil for medical treatment moves forward in Topeka
28 Feb 2019 at 5:20pm

A bill pushed by a Wichita area couple with a special needs daughter moves forward in Topeka. House Bill 2244 was introduced into the Kansas legislature to allow people with life-threatening medical conditions to get treatment with CBD oil with a small amount of THC. In its title, the bill "authorizes the use of cannabidiol treatment preparation to treat certain medical conditions." A hearing for the bill is set for March 12.

Kansas lawmakers struggle over school aid, Medicaid, taxes
28 Feb 2019 at 5:19pm

Kansas lawmakers have hit the halfway point of their annual session and they haven’t had a hearing on a Medicaid expansion plan or pushed an education funding bill out of committee in the face of a court mandate to boost spending on public schools. And the GOP-dominated Legislature doesn’t just appear to be slow-walking new Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s big initiatives. Despite Republican supermajorities, an income tax relief bill that GOP leaders consider an urgent priority hasn’t cleared both chambers.