Redefining Public Education in Kansas

Governor Brownback and others want to revise the formula, calling it too complicated and unworkable. I believe the formula is complex because what it is designed to accomplish is complex. The authors of the school funding formula may not have had the Rose Standards in mind back in 1992 as they crafted and later refined the formula, but I believe the formula is in fact in harmony with the objective of the Rose Standards.

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Court Decision Regarding School Funding

The decision is the second part of a two-part decision arising out of a lawsuit filed five years ago, claiming that the state was not living up to its constitutional requirement of “suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state”. The first part of the legal challenge dealt with the question of equity, or whether all school children had equal educational opportunity.

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Official State Fossils

Tylosaurus inhabited the great inland sea of Western Kansas during the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era. Growing to lengths of more than 40 feet, Tylosaurus would have been the dominant marine predator of his world. Pteranodon flew above the same seas in which Tylosaurus swam, and achieved wingspans of 24 feet or more.

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Don’s Kansas Insights

On occasion Don writes about things, life-styles or issues pertinent to the State of Kansas; often separate from the legislature. Sometimes legislative issues overlap the more general interest “Kansas Life” topics – simply take that as an illustration of just … Continue reading